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Training at Raph Tatts

Do you want to Learn how to have a professional career in tattooing? Here we offer training for those that want to go from not knowing anything about how to create a professional tattoo, to being able to start an independent career in tattooing professionally in any country in the world they choose to be licensed in.

What will be required of you:

This course will be best suited to a candidate that has their own drive to be successful you do not need to have gone to any form of art school but you will be expected to bring a portfolio of drawings (in any medium e.g. digital or paint) so that you can show us your passion for art. a portfolio can consist of a minimum of 10 finished pieces in which you can describe what it is your inspirations are.

A fee of £300 per month on an unfixed contract of 6 months, any fees paid are non refundable as they go towards paying our practitioners and providing perishable supplies. Unfixed because any candidate that joins us is free to leave us for independent training at any time throughout the course or pause their training for life situations. First two months will be payable on initial application. You will also need two forms of ID one with your picture on it and the other some form of utility bill with your address on it. This is for insurance purposes your data will not be used by any third parties. Please only apply if you are above 18 years of age. We will soon be providing online coaching for tattoo artists which will be 1 on 1 with one of our professional artists.

You will need to purchase yourself a tattoo machine if you don’t already own one, after the first two months of training but we will provide you access to a machine at the start of your training We do not condone any foul language from candidates or practitioners alike, failure to comply will result in being asked to leave our course resulting in loss of fees. please read the pdf of compliance rules below.

Schedule and modules of the course: below will be a Pdf of the full courses modules The course will run over one session in house training and one session online training in a week. a day session in house will being at 1pm usually and end at 6pm on most days but is subject to early finishes depending on the lesson of the day. The online session will of-course be a theory session but once you get your own equipment practical advice can be given to the student. this will usually be from 1pm – 3pm , it is also subject to flexibility. Modules will consist of: Hygiene, Theory and Practical, Line work, Shading , colour packing -Previous apprentices turned into professional tattooists: Feel free to look through the social media pages of some of our previous apprentices

Here are some videos of apprentices training.

Extracurricular activities: We believe in having a well rounded perspective of the tattoo industry as a whole so we will sometimes elect to take our students to tattoo conventions or have candidates follow us to our event bookings. This will allow you to find your place as a tattooist as there are many different facets to being successful in this career path.

Below are some examples of this.

Usual questions we get asked “How long does it take to learn how to tattoo” “Do i need to be able to draw to learn how to tattoo” “Will you provide me with clients” “Once I finish learning what do i do?” “Do i need a qualification to tattoo in a studio”

Why i decided to teach (Raphael)

“Teaching has been very fulfilling for me. It reinstalls my understanding of what I already know and opens up space for me to continue learning. It was hard for me to find someone that would teach me anything in the tattoo world, so I always thought that when I finally figured things out that I would open the door for others to enter through it.