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There are two ways in which to book a tattoo:

You can either use our booking system on page> (shop page) this method better serves those that know exactly what they want tattooed and can provide the image via email or whatsapp, this should also be used for those that have a strict budget they want to stick to for their tattoo.

For those that are not quite sure and would like assistance with their tattoo please choose the second option, you will be able to book a consultation with our artists.


using the first option: 

State the location/s you want the tattoo/s to be in,

the design plus any alterations to it,

then give a rough example of what date you would prefer to get the tattoo and  by what tattoo artist. (Raphael or Delphina)

you will then be asked to send half the value of your tattoo as a deposit that is non-refundable.


using the second option:

You will be asked to book a consultation with the option to be just audio or face-time, this will require a small deposit that is non refundable.

You can then choose a date to design your tattoo with your selected artist.

Once the artwork has been decided you will then choose a date for the session using our Shop page.

Between your session and your consultation date your artist will change your design once or twice depending on the scale of which the amendments are requested.

If the design has not been concluded, you will design your tattoo with your artist on the day of the appointment and tattoo within the same day.

You will need to make sure you have rested well and not drink alcohol before your appointment as this may have an effect on the tattoo experience.

You will then proceed to attending your appointment, after the appointment you will be given aftercare advice as well as an option of purchasing our in house aftercare product.

Tattoos heal differently on everybody as we all have different skin types so we would like our clients to send us pictures of their healed tattoos after 3 months of getting them when the skin has had a chance to settle.